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Media Resources
Are you doing a story on sled dog racing?
Please start here to learn the basics about
our sport, our events and the
International Sled Dog Racing Association, Inc..
ISDRA Fact Sheet - Who, what, why and where
 are covered in this one-sheet sketch of the
 International Sled Dog Racing Association.
Sled Dog Demographics - Looking for more
detailed information on the participants, spectators
and sponsors of sled dog sports?
Concise four-pager with photos. (MS Word format)
Animal Welfare - In case you missed this topic,
here it is again.  Our policy on the welfare of our
terrifiec canine companions and athletes.
For lot's of great photos, please visit Joy Green
at her site - http://homepage.mac.com/joygreen
To locate ISDRA members for interviews, either
on-site or telephone, please contact the ISDRA
at 218.765.4297, Fax. 218.765.3246
To find ISDRA events in your state or province, go
to the Events area of this web site and scroll down
to the bottom of the page.  You will see optional
filters for the event list.  Choose the 'By State or
Province' link and then choose your state or
province from drop-down list.  To find contacts for an
event, click on the 'Event Name'.
To contact ISDRA (Mon.-Fri., 8-5 CST);
22702 Rebel Road
Merrifield, MN
56465 USA
Tel. 218.765.4297
Fax 218.765.3246


Our Sanctioning Program

Sanctioning Program Booklet

(pdf/16 pages)

  Adult Sanctioning Requirements and Standards
    Junior Sanctioning Requirements and Standards
    Adult Championship Points Program
    Junior Championship Points Program
    Event of the Year Program
    Personal Press Release Program
    Sanctioning Application
(all available in our General Resources area)

Tip - for best results download files to your local system before opening.

Our Sponsors.
Please mention them.. 

Thank you for your interest.
ISDRA also provides networking with experienced individuals for race production and promotion and assistance in media exposure and public relations. Contact us for more information - 218.765.4297.