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Overview. When you sanction your sled dog events with the International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA), you become part of the oldest and largest community of organized sled dog racing in the world.  Regardless of the distance covered or whether your event is a traditional sled race, wheeled GIG race, skijoring, or a bike/scooter race, sanctioning your event with ISDRA links your event and it's participants to a large sled dog community spanning the globe.

Each season, ISDRA represents over 120 days of sled dog racing, thousands of race performances and countless opportunities for media attention.  From October to April, mushers travel across the United States, Canada and Japan in pursuit of races, purses and ISDRA points.  Perhaps it's time to have them come to your town?

By their nature, sled dog events are better suited to smaller towns and cities rather than large metropolitan areas.  As always, there are exceptions to this rule with exceptionally prestigious, long standing sanctioned events in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Fairbanks, Alaska and Anchorage, Alaska, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Most of the 60 to 75 events sanctioned by ISDRA each season are held in towns with populations ranging from 5,000 to 10,000  to encourage tourism, gain media exposure and generate community spirit during the long winter months of the northern latitudes.

If your community or organization is interested in hosting an ISDRA sanctioned sled dog race in the future, please contact us at (218) 765-4297.


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Sanctioning Program Booklet

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  Adult Sanctioning Requirements and Standards
    Junior Sanctioning Requirements and Standards
    Adult Championship Points Program
    Junior Championship Points Program
    Event of the Year Program
    Personal Press Release Program
    Sanctioning Application
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Community.  Sled dog events are always community efforts with multiple objectives; among them,  increased tourism, generating local interest and putting 'our town' on the map

One way ISDRA assists is to recognize the very best events on the sanctioned race circuit each season through the ISDRA 'Event of the Year' program.  Based on multiple quality criteria, the 'Event of the Year' awards have repeatedly proven to be invaluable to communities in their sponsor solicitations, volunteer recruitment and community organizing efforts.

We invite your community to join the sled dog fraternity and pursue the 'Event of the Year' for your town!

ISDRA also provides networking with experienced individuals for race production and promotion and assistance in media exposure and public relations. Contact us for more information - 218.765.4297.

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